Protecting tomorrow, today

Solutions available through the School of Resilience in partnership with Horizonscan

Protecting Tomorrow, Today

Emergency response training solutions

Terror attacks in Europe, as well as cyber-attacks on leading business institutions, highlight how much the risks and threats facing the modern world have changed in recent years – underlining the importance of preparing for the unexpected and, increasingly, unthinkable. Such crises not only present complex challenges for today’s emergency services, but also for business managers and leaders who find their organisations either in the target line or close proximity.

The School of Resilience (SoR) at the Fire Service College provides a wide range of emergency planning and response services – from independent validation of emergency plans, assessment and assurance, as well as a comprehensive range of specialist training aimed at individuals, organisations and diverse groups. Our services are designed to ensure that you have effective strategies in place and equip your teams with the necessary skills to respond to all types of unplanned events – to protect your organisation and your people, whatever form such an emergency may take.