Business continuity

Who would you turn to when it all goes wrong?

Business Continuity

From strategic consultancy to practical training and exercising, we draw on a wide range of experience and expertise, ensuring that the services we deliver are tailored to your specific organisational needs. Working together we will help you to effectively identify all of the risks and threats that could derail your organisation and develop the means to mitigate against them.

Taking into account your individual objectives, risks, threats, current resilience and culture, our services include policy and strategy development, business impact analysis, risk assessment, and the formulation of robust plans. Delivered by emergency service professionals and experienced business leaders, our training will give your senior and principal management team the opportunity to practise business continuity management, in a safe learning environment, to understand the importance of business continuity planning and how to apply it.



We are continuing our ongoing relationship with Horizonscan this year. During the work programme, Horizonscan has assisted us with our documentation, all of which were delivered on time. Horizonscan continues to deliver a high standard of service and has been a great support in helping us develop our Business Continuity Management System.

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