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Tailored Solutions

Terror attacks in Europe, as well as cyber-attacks on leading business institutions, highlight how much the risks and threats facing the modern world have changed in recent years – underlining the importance of preparing for the unexpected and, increasingly, unthinkable. Such crises not only present complex challenges for today’s emergency services, but also for business managers and leaders who find their organisations either in the target line or close proximity.

To mitigate the impact on the organisation, its stakeholders and the general public at large, it is essential that the process by which a major event is dealt with will not only be effective in minimising casualties and managing disruption, but will also stand up under close scrutiny. This is especially important in light of the immediacy of today’s global communications and with the pressure of the world watching.

With access to a network of subject matter experts, and drawing on our extensive experience within the field of emergency response, we provide tailored crisis management solutions to both UK and international private and public sector clients.

From strategic consultancy to operational skills, we can work with you to deliver just those services you require through to the full cycle of consultancy, planning, training, exercising and evaluation to achieve a robust effective training model.



L&Q has come a long way in a short time since starting work with Horizonscan. We’ve benefitted from the team’s attention to detail, professionalism and knowledge of the risks we face both internally and externally in areas such as Cyber-Security and the political uncertainty around Brexit. With Horizonscan’s help, we have reviewed and improved our current plans, procedures and capabilities at different levels of the business and are now far more resilient as an organisation. Horizonscan has more than proved we made the right choice and we’re very much looking forward to our continued relationship.